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Nerva Consultancy

تاريخ البداية: 14-06-2023
مدة: 12 اشهر
الميعاد النهائي للطلبات: 07-06-2023
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NErva Consultancy, a leading consulting firm specializing in innovative solutions and strategic guidance, is seeking a highly skilled and versatile freelancer with unique English and Arabic language skills to join our team as a Content Creator and Copywriter. This is an exceptional opportunity for a talented individual to collaborate with a dynamic team, gain valuable experience, and contribute to our global presence. Role: Content Creator and Copywriter (English and Arabic) As a Content Creator and Copywriter, you will play a pivotal role in shaping NErva Consultancy's online presence in both English and Arabic languages. Your responsibilities will encompass developing and implementing content strategies, creating engaging social media posts, writing informative blog articles, producing captivating videos, and crafting persuasive written content for marketing materials, website copy, and advertising campaigns. Your ability to seamlessly create content and copy in both languages will be crucial in effectively communicating our brand message and engaging with our diverse audience. Qualifications: Proven experience as a Content Creator and Copywriter, with a portfolio showcasing your unique English and Arabic language skills. Exceptional proficiency in both English and Arabic, with a deep understanding of grammar, syntax, and cultural nuances in each language. Strong communication skills and the ability to adapt your writing style to suit different audiences, platforms, and objectives. Familiarity with digital marketing principles and trends, including SEO and social media best practices. Creativity and the ability to generate innovative content ideas that align with NErva Consultancy's brand voice and values. Proficiency in relevant software tools and platforms related to content creation and copywriting.

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