The paradox of hiring a freelancer
Sep Sat, 2020
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It is not always an easy decision for businesses to hire a freelancer, especially in Egypt. Many businesses have suffered from the lack of commitment, sometimes the poor value for the money and many other factors that made them think twice before hiring a freelancer and even sometimes made them go an extra mile with outsourcing an agency or hiring an in-house agent instead of hiring a freelancer, but is it a global issue? 


To answer the former question in a concise form, more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies -globally not only in Egypt- are hiring freelancers. Simply put, if the biggest players are doing it and they put a lot of thought into every step, then that means it is not a reckless thing to be done. Why is that?


Well, the pros beat the cons when it comes to hiring freelancers. The list includes but not exclusive to: 

* Affordability: Hiring a freelancer frees you from the load of overhead costs with agencies or in-house agents.

* Flexibility: Many businesses think that this is only a privilege for freelancers, but the concept of flexible hours for freelancers can benefit you for more availability and even longer hours sometimes when they have to deliver multiple projects in a shorter time.

* Sense of accomplishment: We know it is hard to believe, but nothing makes a freelancer happier than exceeding your expectations and getting the job done in a much shorter time and higher quality than you have expected.

* Consistent development: While many full-timers are overwhelmed by their long to-do lists, freelancers usually tend to catch up with the market trends and furtherly develop their skills because freelancers are not taking anything for granted and they have the motive to stay ahead of their game.

* Cost-efficient: We know we have tapped upon overhead costs, but we have not mentioned that freelancers are usually hired on a project-basis, no matter how long the project is, at the end of the day, you do not risk paying a freelancer when the workload is not that crazy, like it happens with your in-house agents.


Frankly speaking, the list goes on and on with why you should hire a freelancer, but we know that that you can not overlook the cons of the deal, and that is exactly why you should hire Freelance Yard for your freelancing tasks. Why? Well....