Local Business

Company Name : The Marketers League

Company Type : Corporate

Company Website URL : info@marketers-league.com

Company Size : 50 - 100 Employees

Biography : Working in San and Sam, Marketing and Advertising Agency, made us realize the difficulty that exists between companies when it comes to communication, especially when they work in different fields. We also realized how hard it is to directly reach the person in charge such as a marketer, CEO or owner. This is where the idea of the league came from. We dreamt about gathering this huge market with all its different fields, entities and intentions in just one place to start networking and exchanging knowledge and communicating. Then it was research time. We started researching if the idea of a marketing league existed elsewhere before or if any company/ entity initiated such a concept for marketing before or not. The research process ended up by concluding that we were the first initiators of such a concept of a league with the purpose of gathering the marketers. This initiative was highly appreciated by the Father of Marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler, when we first introduced it to him and he was astonished that this initiative came out from the Middle East.