How to Write an Efficient Brief?
Jan Sat, 2021
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Writing an effective brief

Whether you are about to hire a web developer, a copywriter, a business developer or even a data entry specialist, you need to post an effective brief along with your job posting to make sure you get exactly what you have on mind.

In order to avoid confusion, miscommunication or any other obstacle that might slow down the delivery of your project, you have to follow some clear steps and fulfill specific points on your brief. Here is a list of what you need to do while writing your brief:
- Project Background: The first thing you need to do is to describe your project or product background, who you are, what is the project or brand you represent and what is the story behind this project. You need to convey this information, to familiarize the job applicant with your project as this helps them set their minds and organize their thoughts. Consider this background as your introduction to those applicants.
- The What and Why: Always include what this project is about and why are you holding this task and what your objectives are. Give careful thought to what you will write through this part, and take your time to think it through.
- To whom: Identify your target audiences in detail and describe them to your applicant.
- Mandatories: Every job poster has his own agenda, has his own checklist that he needs to be fulfilled; accordingly you might have some elements, text, key visuals, brand voice or any guidelines that you need to include in your project and you want the freelancer to include in his work and build his proposal around them.
- Reference: In this point, we are not saying that your recruitee have to copy some other company's work, but we are saying that if you have seen something and think that this direction suits your work, make sure to share this reference with your recruitee in order to fully-understand how you think and what you actually need to deliver what you need and even surpass your expectations.

After following those steps, we need you to revise the whole brief and make sure that you have complied to three simple rules, being straight to the point, being concise and using clear and simple language to avoid misconception. Stick to those three golden rules while filling all the blocks of your brief, because they are the key to an efficient brief. Avoid long feedbacks/edits processes by simply “Helping your applicant”to be able to efficiently “Help you”.

Here you may find some samples for effective briefs: