Finance/State Budget Consultant

Reviewing Proposals
Posted at: 06-01-2021
Eslam El-Semary
  • Milestones : : 1
  • Start date: 06-01-2021
  • End date: 14-01-2021
  • Proposal end date: 06-01-2021

  • Required Freelancers: 1

Project Detail:

  • I want to hire a  freelancing business consultant with th following criteria  
  • Expert in finance and state budget
  • Be able to define what are the we we have in egypt 
  • Knows how to make the budgeting process applicable for kids to understand
  • Counselling on the end product for the project.

Employment type:

Experience Level:

Milestones :

1. Final report

Deliver a final report for the end product


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