Account Manager

Posted at : 25-01-2021

The Marketers League

Start date: 25-01-2021
End Date: 01-02-2021
Proposal end date: 25-01-2021
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

We are looking for a very ACTIVE account manager who is very active and has very very good communication skills and he has to be very persuasive.

will work on Sponsorship opportunities and closing deals with a wide range of potential sponsors.

We are the first initiators of such a concept of a league with the purpose of gathering the marketers. This initiative was highly appreciated by the Father of Marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler, when we first introduced it to him and he was astonished that this initiative came out from the Middle East.

(It will be commission based work with no basic salary) 

commission rate will be 10%

Employment Type:

Payment Type


Experience Level:

Skills Required


Proposal/Bid Writing


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