Business developer

Posted at : 02-08-2023

private business

Start date: 13-08-2023
End Date: 30-09-2023
Proposal end date: 12-08-2023
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

We are looking for a business developer sponsorship for my project : Identify prospects, solicit and secure sponsors Make in-person visits to prospects Handle incoming sponsorship inquiries close deals with companies like : 1- Bank 2- A sportswear company 4-gym 5- Food supplement company 6- Mineral Water Company (Nestle) 7- Brand cars 4 * 4 (Toyota - Citroen - Mercedes) 8- Etisalat Company (Etisalat - We) 9- Smartphones (Samsung after they were manufactured in Egypt) 10- Abu Auf Company 11- A real estate development company 12- A healthy food company (Gourmet or Lychee) 13- A tourist hotel for conferences before and after 14- Airline (Egypt Air) 15- Dairy Company (Almarai) 16- Total Energy Caravan equipment 18- Tissue Paper (Fine) 19- Sanitary ware company (Sun Pure) 20- Home company (Samsung) 24- Home furnishings company 25- Home Furniture Company 26- La Roche-Posay 27- L'Oreal Paris hair and skin products 30- Ole Health Drinks Company 31- Brand pajamas 32- Brand sunglasses Maintain an organized record of all documents related to sponsor and partner involvement. duration: one month and two weeks salary : basic salary + commission from each deal

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required


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