Creative Content Strategist

Posted at : 06-01-2024

KOAY Silver Store

Start date: 01-02-2024
Duration: 12 Months
Proposal end date: 31-01-2024
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

Job Description The Main Job is to Develop the Content Strategy to ensure: Continuous High Organic Reach & Growth across our social media platforms. High engagement rates. Improved Brand Recognition. Outstand The Competition. Plan and Direct Consistent, high-quality, and impactful content with Content Creation Team. Strategically Develop content aims to inform, entertain, inspire and engage Target Audience. Job Requirements Creative Mindset & Out Of The Box Thinking. Very Good understanding of everchanging social media ALGORITHMs and how it works. Excellent Data, Analytics & Insights Reader. Capacity to understand Audience behavior through analytics, then use data to shape strategic decisions An understanding of why some content works and some doesn’t Storytelling skills Excellent Writing and editing skills Significant SEO knowledge Researching and staying up to date on the latest developments in terms of search engine optimization, content trends and consumer behavior. send cv to :

Employment Type:


Payment Type


Experience Level:

3-5 years of experience

Skills Required

Affiliate Marketing

Brand Marketing


Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Content Writing

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