Data entry and Ad development

Posted at : 30-11-2022

Tony Costa

Start date: 20-12-2022
Duration: Months
Proposal end date: 19-12-2022
Required Freelancers: 2
Project Detail:

This mini-project deliverables are:

1. Data entry (using Wordpress) for around 850 books on our website that is currently under development. Every book will be featured on one simple standard page that contains: book title, cover, description, etc.

2. The design of a long page for an advertisement of books. The page will contain:

a. around 12 different offers described by a sentence (in Arabic and in English) and an image (of some 5/6 books) you will have to design. Every sentence/image will contain a link to a webpage showing the related books.

b. This page will also contain a link to our contact form on our website that is under development. You will make some changes to this form as needed.

Delivering within one week to ten days is essential.

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required

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