Graphic designer

Posted at : 15-12-2022

Tony Costa

Start date: 17-12-2022
End Date: 20-12-2022
Proposal end date: 16-12-2022
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

The International Center has been in the press, publishing and distribution industry for some sixty years and has more 1600 publications. We are looking for a graphic designer to perform the following tasks:

i. Design a one-page ad featuring selected special offers on the International Center’s publications. There will be 10 offers on a single page, in addition to catchy and practical information suggested by the team (of web developer, social media specialists, and the hiring manager, as well as our in-house journalists).

ii. Design the content of our “special offers” page (around 25 offers) on our website under development.

The assignment is very simple, but creativity is a must here. The freelancer will be provided with selected book covers that he/she should put together in catchy designs. Please provide links to previous work of yours. The selected candidate is expected to join the team in the coming 24 hours. The designs should be submitted in 3 working days maximum.

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required

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