Recruiter for Egyptian Freelancers and Clients to Participate in Survey

Posted at : 24-07-2022

Neveen Saied

Start date: 26-07-2022
End Date: 03-08-2022
Proposal end date: 25-07-2022
Required Freelancers: 5
Project Detail:

I am a researcher who would like to better understand freelancers’ experience in working with clients. I am looking for a recruitment expert to help me recruit 50 freelancers to participate in my research study.

These freelancers need to be:

- Egyptian freelancers who have been working as freelancers for a minimum of a year

- Knowledge workers (i.e., not uber drivers or blue collars)

- They speak very good English

- Speak very good English

- Willing to complete a 20-minute survey about their experience in freelancing

- Willing to invite one of their current client to fill out a 10-minute online survey

- Freelancing is their primary source of income

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information.

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required

Human Resources

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