Recruitment Specialist

Posted at : 24-06-2021

Alrabat Business Group

Start date: 24-06-2021
End Date: 01-07-2021
Proposal end date: 24-06-2021
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

Al-Rabat Business Group is seeking to hire a professional "Recruitment Specialist" by the following criteria:

Main Responsibilities and Duties:

- Create and publish job ads in various portals (Including foreign sourcing websites).

- Network with potential hires through professional groups on social media and during events. - Collaborate with hiring managers to set qualification criteria for future employees.

- Screen resumes and job applications.

- Conduct initial phone screens to create shortlists of qualified candidates.

- Interview candidates are in-person for a wide range of roles.

- Track hiring metrics including time-to-hire, time-to-fill, and source of hire.

- Build and report on weekly and monthly hiring plans.

- Onboarding new employees in order to become fully integrated.

Professional / Academic requirements: Bachelor’s Degree. (Any) From 2 – 3 years of experience in the same position Good in excel using If you qualified for the above requirement, 

Employment Type:

Payment Type


Experience Level:

Skills Required

Human Resources

LinkedIn Recruiting

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