Sales representative

Posted at : 18-03-2023

Tony Costa

Start date: 26-03-2023
End Date: 30-04-2023
Proposal end date: 25-03-2023
Required Freelancers: 2
Project Detail:

The International Center has been in the press, publishing and distribution industry for some sixty years and has more 1600 publications. We are looking for 2 (two) virtual sales representatives to complete our 7-member team of specialists and perform the following tasks: • Contact around 75 Facebook/forums/website pages/owners/influencers and meet with them to introduce the company’s products and a partnerships business proposal. The ideal candidate needs to be dynamic, with high energy and an engaging personality. He/She should be able to naturally build rapport & create an emotional connection with strangers very quickly and easily. He/She will approach potential partners and sales as a way of helping our customers receive the best value for their money. He/She should be a service-oriented individual, able to communicate effectively and display a professional and positive demeanor. He/She will relate well to the customer, think and exercise sound judgment, and act responsibly in the customer’s and the company’s interest. A previous experience in partnerships/sales is necessary for this job. Although this is a circa 30-day post, there is an opportunity for a long-term contract upon satisfactory deliverables.

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Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

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