Sales representative

Posted at : 06-06-2023

Tony Costa

Start date: 10-06-2023
End Date: 15-07-2023
Proposal end date: 09-06-2023
Required Freelancers: 2
Project Detail:

The International Center has been in the press, publishing and distribution industry for some sixty years and has more 4000 publications. We are looking for 2 supplementary sales representatives to reinforce our team of social media specialists and designers (composed of 10 specialists) and perform the following tasks: 1. Identify the relevant social media platforms/forums/website pages and other online audiences that are essential to contact and introduce the company’s books to 2. Contact around 50 social media/forums/website pages/owners with a view to build the International Canter’s partners portfolio 3. Contribute to the development of the digital and business development strategies alongside the other members of the team Sufficient time availability (around 3 hours per day) for conducting the meetings with around 60 potential partners is required as these will need to be made in around 5 weeks. Previous experience with various Arab countries is desirable. Important note: Freelancers are invited not to apply unless they have sufficient availability to satisfactorily perform the services in the assigned time frame.

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required

Social Media

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