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Posted at : 29-02-2024

Sahla Smart Solutions

Start date: 06-03-2024
End Date: 25-03-2024
Proposal end date: 05-03-2024
Required Freelancers: 1
Project Detail:

Sahla Smart Solutions is an aspiring new IoT (Internet of Things, which is a modern technology field) startup based in Egypt. We're looking for a professional Animation video designer to craft us a captivating promotional video for one of our upcoming projects. We're looking for a 2min animation video that illustrates the value of our solution in a style similar to the modern minimalistic animation explainer videos (also similar to Google's explainer video art style). We are disinclined to accept any non-minimalistic and non-animation art styles. We are looking for a video that focuses on the function through illustration and simple animation. Key Characteristics of this art style we are targeting: - Simplified Shapes: Emphasis on basic geometric shapes (circles, squares, triangles) and clean lines. Minimal detail within these shapes. - Flat Design: No focus on creating illusions of depth or 3D with shadows or gradients. - Limited Color Palette: Often primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colors (green, orange, purple) along with neutrals (white, black, gray). Colors are used in flat blocks. - Focus on Function: The primary goal is to convey information clearly. Visuals directly illustrate concepts and minimize distractions. - Friendly & Approachable: Rounded shapes and bright colors create a welcoming, non-intimidating feel that's appropriate for learners of all ages. - Slight Whimsy: Often uses subtle distortions in proportion (e.g., slightly oversized heads on figures) to add a touch of lightheartedness. Examples of this artstyle: - We are looking for someone who can deliver this project in 3-4 weeks. Candidates will be evaluated based on the following: - Portfolio - Experience in product showcasing videos - Communication quality - Availability - Proposed delivery time We might also look to provide further incentives and invitations to future work by us and our partners should the output meet the required standards.

Employment Type:

Freelancing (project/ task based)

Payment Type


Experience Level:

1-3 years of experience

Skills Required

Animated Video Development

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