The Best of Both Worlds
Jan Sun, 2021
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Freelance Yard has been founded to be the base for a complete reformation for the freelancing scene. Freelancers do not have the stability, the prestige or even the profits and securities the full-timers have and accordingly, most Egyptian freelancers work on freelancing projects on the side along with their full-time positions because they can not risk depending on freelancing alone, and that is exactly where Freelance Yard kicks in. Full-time freelancers risk their income stability and social securities but in return they have more freedom, more control over their work/rest hours and where, when and how to work, he is his own manager, he puts the rules and works according to them. On the other hand, full-timers do not have this freedom, but they have paid-days off work, social security, health insurance, fixed work-hours after which they can do whatever they like and realize that “work-life” balance that most entrepreneurs and freelancers know nothing about.

At Freelance Yard, we believe that you do not have to choose one life over the other, because you simply can get the best of both worlds. Freelance Yard offers freelancers a new definition for freelancing and offer them what they need and more to lead a full-time freelancing lifestyle. Freelance Yard along with all of our sponsors and partners offer our pool of freelancers a wide-range of services either for the sake of making their work performance more efficient or their life easier, from assisting work platforms, business development and dashboards all the way to health, social and financial securities, and even more.

No matter what your pain or the obstacle stopping you from becoming a full-time freelancer, we promise addressing it and make this dream, a possibility and make it come true.

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